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Welcome to the official website of the Ministry of Commerce, Business Development, Investment and Consumer Affairs. 

Our mission is to provide you with services that will translate into an enabling environment that will encourage and facilitate the development of the private sector.  It is in this context that we are dedicating time, resources and talent into the creation of this website.

For those who are visiting our new site for the first time, www.commerce.gov.lc is your window into the responsibilities of the various units within the Ministry.  I therefore encourage you to click on the various links under the Departments section of our top menu to better familiarize yourselves with the missions and purposes of the units.  We have also included an Events Calendar section to keep you abreast of events of the Ministry.

We are aware of the ever increasing demands to have our processes on an IT platform, and we guarantee that your expectations will be met in the near future.  We sincerely believe that this will not only aid our internal efforts at meeting our goals but to be of equal benefit to all our clients.

I am extremely proud of working with a team of professional individuals who are very capable of achieving our desire to continuously improve our services to you.  Thus, I encourage you to provide necessary feedback which will enable us to serve you better.

We pledge to provide you with an informative, updated website and sincerely hope you find it useful and will visit often. 


Leo Titus Preville

Permanent Secretary


Consumer Affairs

To vigorously promote consumer interests through policy guidelines and appropriate legislation in an attempt to minimize conflict and to create a fair trading environment.

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The function of this section is to work towards the creation of an environment conducive to both local and foreign investment and to develop a policy framework, which takes into account national, regional and global developments, and influences an overall strategy for the development of Commerce and Industry.

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SEDU is a special unit within the Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Consumer Affairs established in 1994 to serve as a "One Stop Shop" for the Micro and Small businesses. It is government funded however undertakes joint ventures with its social partners.

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