Project Management Certification - Aiming For Better Project Results in Saint Lucia

On March 17th, 2009 the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Consumer Affairs welcomed eleven (11) new Project Managers to the cadre of Certified Project Managers in Saint Lucia at a Plaque award ceremony held at the Training Room on the first floor of the Sir Stanislaus Building, Waterfront, Castries.


These latest Certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI) of Pennsylvania, USA inductees are: Allison Alberta Jean, Andre Charles, Cointha Sabina Thomas, Dwayne Chidi Tobias, Fiona Ghirawoo, Ian Roland Alexander, Kenyatta A. Alleyne, Lavina Dee Alexander, Marie Jessie Dalsan,

Suzette Lewis Jean and Valerie Leon.


These new Project Management Professionals are expected to contribute to the strengthening of the Project Management Association (PMA); uphold the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and to promote the PMI philosophy for effective Project Management.  Honourable Tessa Mangal, Patron of the Project Management Association (PMA) in giving brief remarks at the ceremony expressed her expectation "that clients will take advantage of this increasingly important area of expertise so as to maximize efficiency, minimize project risks and promote greater professionalism in the execution of projects."


The Minister also stated that there is an increasing need for highly trained and effective Project Managers to ensure successful completion of projects.  According to the Minister "a Project Management approach is therefore seen as critical to sustainable development in Saint Lucia". The Minster also acknowledged the core values promoted by the Project Management association as "professionalism, ethical behavior, standards setting, openness with stakeholders and consideration for all."


The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Consumer Affairs is aware of this critical role of effective Project Management and is working with the Project Management Association to establish a framework for proper Project Management approaches in Saint Lucia.  The Ministry in its facilitating role continues to promote the Project Management approach to enhance business decision making in all sectors.  In its effort to improve services to the business sector, the Small Enterprise Development Unit, within the Ministry has embarked upon a programme to build critical mass in qualified professionals in the field of Project Management through its Project Management Preparatory (PMP) course.  The PMP course started in August 2004.  To date the programme has generated seventy one (71) Certified Project Managers.  In addition, SEDU has introduced the Project Management philosophy to the small business sector through its Basic Project Management for Artisans.  SEDU intends to extend the Basic Project Management course to all service providers and small manufacturers.



PMI is the world's leading non-profit association for the Project Management profession.  PMI is recognized for its advocacy programs conducted with governments, organizations and industries around the world as they recognize and embrace Project Management, to achieve business results.  PMI has more than 240,000 members in over 160 countries.  PMI's Project Management Professional (PMP) is the most widely recognized in the profession.


For more information on the PMP programme, contact the Small Enterprise Development Unit (SEDU), 4th floor Heraldine Rock, Building, Waterfront, Castries; telephone 468-4223 or

453-2891; fax 453-7347;

Perle M. Alcindor, BSc. PMP

Business Development Officer

Small Enterprise Development Unit

Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Consumer Affairs

4th Floor Heraldine Rock, Building

Waterfront, Castries


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