The Ministry of Commerce, Business Development, Investment & Consumer Affairs in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, Heritage & the Creative Industries has established the Saint Lucia Fashion Council to be the lead national umbrella organization representing all stakeholders in the supply chain for the design, manufacturing, marketing distribution and promotion of clothing and related products and services in Saint Lucia.

The key objectives of the Saint Lucia Fashion Council (SFC) are to:

- Advocate on behalf of members through influencing the drafting or creation of legislation and policy directives for the development of the Fashion Industry; 

- Assist with Production Development and the adoption of international best practices;

- Education and Training of members on relevant areas within the Industry; 

- Enable Strategic Partnerships to facilitate greater market access; Introduce needed resources for maximizing product and/or services delivery; and 

- Promote high quality standards for products and services.

To this end, Cabinet by Conclusion No. 193 of 2016 has appointed the first Advisory Committee for a two year term, comprising of seven persons from the private sector and two public sector ex-officio members, as follows:  

a)    Ms. Joycie Mederick;

b)    Ms. Christine Samuel;

c)    Ms. Taribba Joan do Nascimento;

d)    Dr. Cheryl Remy;

e)    Mr. Davis Joseph;

f)     Mr. Daniel Maricon;

g)    Ms. Rose Lascaris;

h)    Ms. Cindy Eugene, Representative of the Ministry of Commerce, Business Development, Investment and Consumer Affairs; and

i)     Mr. Imran Emmanuel, Representative of the Ministry responsible for Creative Industries.

The first order of business for the appointed Advisory Committee will amongst other things be, to review and submit a legislative structure for the operationalization of the Council.



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