Human Resource Management and the Small Business


Written by: Perle Alcindor, Business Development Officer, in collaboration with Nancy Francis Charles, Commerce and Industry Officer,Ministry of Commerce, Industry  and Consumer Affairs


The ownership of a small business has enticed many.  The appeal is strong enough in most cases to encourage a single focus on profits and the freedom associated with being one's own boss.  This almost tunnel vision approach to owning a business prevents a thorough assessment of the critical areas to promote sustainability of the business undertaking. ...

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Exploring Business Opportunities at Jazz Festival

The staging of the St. Lucia Jazz Festival brings music, entertainment, food and many business opportunities for St. Lucians seeking to start and expand a small business. The Ministry of Commerce,...

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Developing and Sustaining Small Businesses

The relevance of the small business sector is often overlooked.  This sector plays a vital role in the socio economic progress of any country.  The sector allows for the use and development of...

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Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

The eight rights as defined and promoted by the international consumer organization - Consumers International, are as follows:

  • the right to satisfaction of basic needs; ...

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Opening a Business in St. Lucia

Trade Licences 

All foreign individuals and companies who intend to conduct business in St. Lucia require a trade licence which is issued by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Consumer...

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